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“Man is a machine, but a very peculiar machine. He is a machine which, in the right circumstances, and with the right treatment, can know that he is a machine, and having fully realized this, he may find the ways to cease to be a machine.” — P.D. Ouspensky

Patriotism Must Skip a Generation

Every time I lose hope, little sparks arise that rekindle a little bit of my faith. The Liberal/Progressive education system has been doing its best to demonize anything American, middle class or normal. I mean today kids are getting sent home for L-shaped pieces of paper that they are calling a gun.

The Peoples Republic of Kalifornia leads the way in most types of Progressive nonsense, and today is no different:

A group of students at a California high school basketball game were told to remove patriotic bandanas and stop chanting “USA, USA” because school administrators wanted to be sensitive to other spectators.”

WTF … over

I thought we were in the U.S.A.  I would not condone any anti-Mexican or any other culture slogans, but guess what? We live in the U.S.A. If you are offended by that, feel free to head back down across the border. Goddamn right we are proud to be here. We built the roads, bridges, dams and power grid so you could come over and suck away all of our excess resources.

The students were suspended, but the suspensions were lifted.: “And while the punishments were lifted, he (Gabe Soumakian)  said the incident is far from over.“As a superintendent I think we need to pursue this further,” he said. “   I agree this is far from over. You should quit or be fired and move down to Mexico and protest some healthy nationalism down there. That will probably be the last we hear of you, but I doubt you would get that far since Mexico has an immigration policy and enforces their side of the border.

People the battle lines have been drawn for a long time. We need to be out there running for school board seats and influencing school district’s agendas. These kids are trying, but they can’t do it without parental support.

U.S.A.    U.S.A.  U.S.A.

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