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“Man is a machine, but a very peculiar machine. He is a machine which, in the right circumstances, and with the right treatment, can know that he is a machine, and having fully realized this, he may find the ways to cease to be a machine.” — P.D. Ouspensky

The Hardest Vote I Ever Cast

Well, I just returned from the ballot box. As much as the ‘undecided voter” was derided, I have to admit as I stood in line to receive my ballot, I had the good angel and the devil battling it out on my weighted down shoulders. I would think after casting my ballot, my heart would be filled with the pride of screaming out my political choice in this important election, but instead the feeling was one merely of the satisfaction of the swelling going down after being kicked in the taint. You feel better, but not happy. The mainstream has us polarized in this Democrat vs. Republican mindset, when the obvious answers after generations of sewage coming from both sides is obvious, it’s time to throw both of the bums out.

2008 was a tough choice. The Democrats foisted this brash, young, well spoken Senator from Illinois after coming off an impressive knock-down of the devil incarnate herself, Hillary. Hopes were this gentleman would bring together the races to a common ground, end the wars our military has slogged through with noble effort, and start an era of cooperation and healing. Of course there was no real vetting process. If half, hell, even ten percent of what we know about him now including his Marxist upbringing, the radically racist theological dogma he was exposed to in his “church”, or the former militant domestic terrorists he counts as his friends, mentors, and advisers would have been brought to light, he would still be community organizing in that failed city Chicago with no hopes of even visiting the White House on a tour. John McCain was not a feel good choice either. I respect him for his military service, but he was still a big government, pro police state, anti freedom kind of guy who had all the charm of the geezer on your block growing up that would take the baseball into his house after it inadvertently landed on his front lawn. Any Independent Voter that was undecided with a libertarian point of view probably went with Obama, especially after 8 years of Bush with the Republicans shoving the Patriot Act and the TSA down our throats.  Guess what? The man of the people who won, the candidate who cared about the common man didn’t repeal the oppressive Patriot Act, shut down Guantanamo Bay, bring the troops home in 16 months, cut the deficit or really carry out anything he promised  in four years.  All he did was  stunt our recovery, waste money on green initiatives that went bust, kill citizens with drones, and divide us racially more than any time I can remember going back almost fifty years.

Mitt Romney was a tough opponent for him. As hard as they tried, they couldn’t dig up any dirt on him outside of common business sense. There is no doubt where he was born, he has been a family man of decent religious principles, and lived a fairly wholesome life devoid of the pictures of smoking pot in a “choom gang” during his scholastic days, visiting terrorist listed countries when such travel by American citizens was banned, getting d.u.i’s, or really any embarrassing behavior. I have no qualms with this man at the helm of this country as a man. The problem I have is with the machine he represents. The Republican Party has not always had the people’s best interest at heart financially. They were the ones who brought us the Patriot Act, and have not been shy about sticking their noses into other country’s problems solving them in  American blood. We sometimes forget they are the ones who started the bail-outs too.

Living in Ohio, one of the “Battleground States” rife with Democratic voter fraud and a Democrat denial and refusal to fix the problem puts me in a bad place. We will need every legitimate vote to get Barrack Hussein Obama out of the White House and put an end to the legacy of over 150 executive orders and an unadulterated path to a European Socialist nightmare. I hope the third-party movement gains traction in states where the outcome has been long decided. We need to move the Overton Window back so we can take this country in the direction of a libertarian movement that if done correctly, can be done with many that now list themselves as Democrats and Republicans. Freedom and Liberty as set forth in the Constitution can work, unfortunately not if we the follow the direction of either mainstream political party.  I feel like need to ice my taint after the kick this election gave me, but Republicans be forewarned, next election I will block better. I need drink after this one.

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5 thoughts on “The Hardest Vote I Ever Cast

  1. tyroneb on said:

    All just a game; I’ve studied the Mormon Church, yep,just a bunch of pedophiles and liars.

    • I doubt anyone has read any of the veirosns in their entirety. I also doubt anyone will. How is it that this is suddenly a crime against humanity? Complex bills are always hundreds of pages and they are never read by a single congressional member in their entirety nor do they need to be.Big Daddy: I think in your haste to complain about fdm you missed her point: If not reading the bill is bad why only complain about the Left when the Right are equally guilty? Its a fair point that you and the asker missed in your zeal to whine about the Dems. TYPICAL.

    • Also, it should be noted that the llaesigture doesn’t want to and won’t pass anything to comply with the federal Real ID law, which provides for everyone to have an ID similar to the national ID in other countries.

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