The Outrider

“Man is a machine, but a very peculiar machine. He is a machine which, in the right circumstances, and with the right treatment, can know that he is a machine, and having fully realized this, he may find the ways to cease to be a machine.” — P.D. Ouspensky

Looks Like The Run Is About Over

This Is Why I Have Little Sympathy For The People Of New York

Let them have their SAFE Act and the antics of their communist mayor. They earn those privileges every day. I just hope that want to leave the Big Apple can one day afford it.

Cleveland is the nearest “big city” near me, and I can say this would never happen there.

Bracken: Why The Left Loves Islam


If you do not read Matt Bracken, you should in my opinion. Start with the Trilogy: Enemies Foreign And Domestic (The Enemies Trilogy Book 1) [Kindle Edition]

Originally posted on Western Rifle Shooters Association:


More politically-incorrect reality from Matt Bracken:

“Why the Left Loves Islam”

Both socialism and Islam are parasitical fascist systems where the elite bosses feed as vampires upon the productive citizenry under their control. Under totalitarian Islamic Sharia Law, productive “people of the book” (Christians and Jews) are tolerated as “dhimmis” (officially subjugated 2nd class citizens) to the degree that the local emirs and sultans decree they should be tolerated. This allows the Muslim bosses to ease their grip or tighten it at will. In socialism this relationship finds many parallels.

For example, Lenin himself, during the disastrous “war Communism” period following the revolution and civil war, allowed the “New Economic Policy” or NEP, where a limited form of capitalism was permitted in order to get the flat-lining economy moving again. Once it was moving, the Communist bosses mass-murdered the successful NEPers, namely the so-called “Kulak class.” The Castros in…

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Me Wants

The only hard part is finding 22lr for more than thirty seconds of fun around here.

Norman Rockwell Spinniing In His Grave

If only this wasn’t true.

Ah, The Good Ol’ Days

A Good Question

Some Days The Bear Eats You

It makes my stomach turn every day when you hear about another dog being executed by the Police. My Theory on this is   as to why they do it is this is simply an act of dominance. They cannot yet (easily) just go and put you in your place by shooting your offspring, so the next step to put you in your place is to kill something you hold dearer than anything else in the world. Sometimes, however, these dog shooting incidents have happy endings.


What We FIght For

I hope she chokes to death.

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