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“Man is a machine, but a very peculiar machine. He is a machine which, in the right circumstances, and with the right treatment, can know that he is a machine, and having fully realized this, he may find the ways to cease to be a machine.” — P.D. Ouspensky

The Obama Mission

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Walking Pez Dispenser Reaps What He Sows

I will give him some (very little) credit, at least he said something. Maybe when Holder and Obama finish dancing around the Oval Office high-fiving  and toasting they may cobble together some lame ass statement too.

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to learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize. - voltaire

New Study On Mass Shootings.

Makes Sense

Our Image Is Castrated

When this worthless little puke determines I can’t see a movie, and that is acceptable, we have problems. I am not blaming our President for this individual incident, but I am blaming him for the fact that the environment for this to happen has been  created by him. He has made our image look weak, and now these two bit punks are capable of shutting down our business and causing loss for theater owners, their support businesses like restaurants, and raising my blood pressure by me knowing some third world piss-ant has decided what we can or can’t watch.

Any American President with an ounce of self respect or sense of any kind of American pride would not allow this to happen. Hell, Reagan or Bush would just point a few Naval ships with some big guns off the coast along with some subs and dare this inbred lunatic to pull something. I hope Obama never meets this little shit dictator, because I would die of nausea and vomiting watching him bow before him.

Is a movie worth going to war for? No, but this unlit backwater country should have the respect to shake in their boots if they try to make eye contact with us. They should be afraid, very afraid, not making demands to us or our allies.

The Great Game – WW3 On The Xmas Wishlist Of Some


Sobering thought for the Holidays

Originally posted on r1016132nzblogger:

Sociopaths…Your plan to start WW3 to get us out of our economic troubles are a blast from the past

Let’s do some simple arithmetic sums:

Minus -

“Pakistan has begun three days of mourning for the 132 children and nine school staff massacred by the Taliban in the country’s deadliest ever terror attack”

Minus -

“Only eight days prior to the horrendous slaughter of children and school staff in Pakistan, Barack Obama released Pakistani Taliban leader, the second in command of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). This is the exact group claiming responsibility for today’s massacre in Peshawar, leaving 141 dead.”

Divided By /

Prepositioning troops in the middle-east

Multiply By X

Equals =


Add +



The collapse of oil prices

Equals =

Math was never my strongest subject but I know how to count

Merry Xmas and a Happy Nuke Year

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