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. “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.” ― George Orwell, 1984

This Reminds Me Of A Knuckledragging Guy

Why They Are All Important

Freudian Slip From The Left

Every once in a while, these jerk offs tell the truth. There is no way of voting ourselves out of this mess.

Typical Liberal Bullshit

Reporter Attacked By Big Black Co…Er, Rooster

Man card…REVOKED.

“I’m Snatching Everyone’s Cellphone And I’m Taking Everyone In”

(YouTube/Photography Is Not a Crime)

Poster Child For Affirmative Action

The new face of the police state is the female deputy who cannot handle a situation without pushing her badge around. It appears she was intimidated by the presence of a former Marine so she cuffed him and made up a story about him having aggressive behavior. When she became aware that her fairy tale would not hold up because the incident was being documented by camera-phone video she confiscated the phones and threatened to take everyone in. Luckily the Marine’s son was able to procure another phone and continue documenting from in the house. Her obnoxious behavior was excused by her supervisor because she was in fear for her life. Maybe she needs to stick to dispatching and fetching coffee around the station as she seems like what we would call in the dog world, a fear biter with no social skills.

‘Dear Conservatives’: Zach Braff says something liberal in 4 words, then deletes tweets


The comments are great. Zach Braff loves wealth confiscation, as long as its not his. Keep in mind he has a net worth of 22 million, having made it at 350k per episode on scrubs where he extolls the virtues of being a beta male.

Originally posted on Twitchy:

This escalated quickly. Actor Zach Braff jumped into the hashtag game #SaySomethingLiberalIn4Words  with the entry, “Willing to share wealth,” followed by, “Not afraid of Homosexuals.” Before long, Braff jumped back out and took his tweets with him, but not before they were retweeted and screen-capped.

It seems he wanted to share his tweets as much as he wanted to share his wealth.

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Combat Vets: The New Pariah

In the primary for Maryland’s attorney general, the incumbent, Doug Gansler reminds voters that his opponent, Anthony G. Brown, has never held a job in his life. He was only in Iraq serving in the J.A.G. office. So I guess being a lawyer in a combat zone isn’t a real job, but being a lawyer after graduating from Yale and working in a cushy office is. Now I guess serving as a lawyer you can be hard pressed to actually call him a combat vet, but he was in a war zone, and things can happen when you move around on a helicopter or a convoy. Mortar rounds have been known to hit random people in random places also. Mr. Gansler must be a frightened little bitch if the only thing he can attack is his opponent’s military service, but the sorry thing is this has not caused outrage among his Democratic voters. A comment like that where I live and you couldn’t get elected septic tank inspector.

A Good Question

Maybe He is Just Unlikeable

Breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law.

Officials at NBC are ordering a psychological evaluation of David Gregory and his family to figure out why we don’t like him. I don’t get it. If his ratings suck, which they do coming in at a consistent third place out of three for this type of show in its time-slot, why not just shitcan him?  What a waste of money. If you ask the man on the street he may just say he doesn’t watch the show because he is an elitist hypocritical asshole. He should have been terminated an arrested anyways for violating a slew of laws, ordinances and policies for bringing in a murderous 30 round AR magazine into the studio in D.C. anyways, but thanks to the country’s new policy of selective enforcement, liberal useful idiots can never break a law.

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