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“Man is a machine, but a very peculiar machine. He is a machine which, in the right circumstances, and with the right treatment, can know that he is a machine, and having fully realized this, he may find the ways to cease to be a machine.” — P.D. Ouspensky

Why We Should Fear The Federalization Of Law Enforcement

Take a look at this video and figure out which of the three groups of law enforcement is accountable to the voters. This is a reason there has been a push at the federal level to rid us of LEO that is directly accountable via election.

“Alright Smart One”

Watch how this cop becomes perplexed while he calls out “Not typical Behavior” for knowing and claiming her rights for not rolling over to the demands of the storm-trooper


Just Choke Yourself, Bitch

And all of you simpletons that allow this bitch to stay in office should go jump off a cliff somewhere. This is probably one of the most unAmerican ideals I have ever heard. If she would have uttered these words in the early 19th century, she would be swinging from the rafters with tar and feathers crammed into her orifices.

About our border with Mexico…

Originally posted on Battlefield USA:

Think. We don’t know who is going into Mexico, and from Mexico, into the United States of America. The U.S. government inundates your cranial space with endless stories of boogeymen, hobgoblins, hor-er-ers, the Boo’s… of all the people who want to commit a terrorist attack on you. Yet, our southern border is as wide open as the legs of the Mother of all Whores. Hundreds to thousands cross the border every single week undetected, and no one knows who these people are. You just automatically assume that they are all just poor Mexicans/South Americans looking for a job you, and your fellow American won’t do.

In the light of that simple truth above, why do you think your government is allowing this? Despite our very own domestic problems that affects all American citizens, why would our government allow people of unknown origin sneak into America?

Well, if you read my…

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Time To Party Like It’s 1847

Mexico, unfortunately has always been a second rate nation, bordering on if not in third world status. After launching an invasion on our lower border, they are now concerned about Governor Perry sending National Guard troops down to secure the border. Screw ‘em.

Today’s LOL, Or Whatever Happened to Achmed’s Vest?

It seems Achmed went out with a bang when they forgot to remove his suicide vest before his funeral.  This is some funny shit. Exterminate yourselves, cockroaches.


Damn, I thought It Was In Four Wheel Drive

Look at this genius who decided not to pay her bills and act like an asshole when her truck was being repossessed. Kind of cracks me up this animal can bust glass into the street and damage someone’s property and the police can’t get involved. Too bad she wasn’t a veteran, or walking a dog, then she would have been tasered or shot.  I didn’t know they had Escalades on the buy here pay here lots. Her credit probably went from a solid 380 down to about a 213 after this stunt.


Work in Process

Work is coming along on the bike. Here are some pictures going back to when I first bought it at the swap meet in May, along with some trial and error. Next is repainting the tins with a satin black with red tribal flames. While I am waiting for the paint to dry, I can install the big bore kit.

With a little TLC this could be a nice ride.

Here she was back in May.

2014-04-17 15.57.25

New front fender, solo seat and some Vance and Hines pipes. This was shortly after I installed the S&S .510 gear drive cams.


Swapped the old fender for a used front spoke wheel.

Almost there, need paint and exhaust wrap along with some detailing

Almost there, need paint and exhaust wrap along with some detailing


More to follow when she is done.

Molon Labe, MF’ers

h/t to Matt B.

Obama Finally Says Something Constructive

As much as I was skeptical when Obama was elected into office in 2008, the one thing I thought his presidency would do was take away excuses, and bring blacks into mainstream America. Much of what he has done instead for the last five years was try the divide and conquer method between the genders and races instead. Finally after five years he says something constructive.

There’s no contradiction between knowing your culture — the traditional cultures out of which your families come, but also being part of the larger culture.

And I think that one of the things — this is true not just for Native Americans, but it’s also true for African Americans.  Sometimes African Americans, in communities where I’ve worked, there’s been the notion of “acting white” — which sometimes is overstated, but there’s an element of truth to it, where, okay, if boys are reading too much, then, well, why are you doing that? Or why are you speaking so properly?

And the notion that there’s some authentic way of being black, that if you’re going to be black you have to act a certain way and wear a certain kind of clothes, that has to go.  (Applause.)  Because there are a whole bunch of different ways for African American men to be authentic.

Now send this memo down to your useful idiots Al and Jesse and maybe we can all start working together rebuilding this mess you created, Mr. President.

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